WHEW!! | Western Australia Children’s Photographer

Meet Jasper.

Jasper is 15-months-old and literally does. not. stop. moving!  I kept cracking up during this photo shoot because I have no doubt that if anyone were watching us, they would have thought we were crazy people.  Jasper’s parents and I were basically just running around making funny noises and trying to herd him (most of the time, very unsuccessfully) in one direction or another.  I, quite literally, felt like the toddler paparazzi.  It was hilarious!  Hilarious and QUITE challenging, especially when I do all of my photo shoots at aperture 1.8 and wider (for all you geeky photographers out there).  Good thing he’s so dang cute!  😉

My favourite part of the shoot was his little fisherman’s pants…how cute are they??  Thanks for letting me come and play with you at the park, Jasper!  You are as cute as a button 🙂