Sweet Sisters | Sydney Family Photographer

Meet Samara and Tahlee.

Samara and Tahlee were just the most ADORABLE sisters.  Their mum contacted me to get a few Christmas pictures done, since they had the most gorgeous Christmas dresses from America.  At 5 and 13 months, you would think they wouldn’t have much in common, but they were so cute playing together.  It was particularly obvious how much Tahlee loved her older sister…she wouldn’t sit still for a single second unless Samara was right there with her.

I have a soft spot in my heart for sisters, since I have two of my own.  There’s just something about sisterhood.  From sharing dolls as children, to fighting over the hair straightener as teens, to standing up in each other’s weddings and sharing in the joys of motherhood as adults.  My sisters are my best friends, and I have no doubt that these two will be the same.

So nice to meet you beautiful girls!  Enjoy your sneak peek 🙂

(PS…how AMAZING is Samara’s hair?  So gorgeous!!)