NYC, baby!!

What a ride!

We’re just packing up our bags so we can head to the airport and fly back to frosty Wisconsin, but I wanted to share a bit of the fun first.  We had a BLAST in New York.  Five days of great food, stellar sights, and lots of culture.  Oh, and bitter cold temps for walking around.  Awesome  🙂

Here’s the view from our rental apartment.  Woot!


Standing in line for The Colbert Report standby tickets.  We didn’t get in, but it was worth a shot!


We walked through Central Park to get to Museum Mile.  It was gaaawgeous, despite the wintery temps.


We JUST missed a photography exhibition at the Guggenheim by one day, but I still liked it 🙂


Grand Central Station was by far my favorite NYC building.  It was freakin amazing!


I will dream about these burgers every day for the rest of my life.  They were so good that we actually ate there for lunch AND dinner one day.  Yum and a half.


We couldn’t go to New York without visiting the Met at least once.  I LOVE Van Gogh, and was thrilled to be able to see this.


My traveling partners in crime.  Hubby Brett, Sister Chrissy, Mom Pam the Ham, and Sister Caitlin.


Where the big bucks are made.  Or lost.  🙂


We all bought gloves and hats from a guy with a table full of them on the street.  That guy must have seen us coming from a mile away!


Times Square at night.  Beautimous!


Our last night, we took the Staten Island Ferry out to Staten Island and back just to catch the Statue of Liberty and the sunset.  So so beautiful.