My Girls | Perth Family Photographer

My big girl, Delilah (just turned 3 years) and my little girl Camille (9 months) are getting big far too quickly for my liking.  However, my heart grows a few sizes every time I see their sisterly love blossom and grow by the day.

As a professional photographer, people often say to me ‘wow, you must have so many amazing images of your girls!’.  And while that’s true in a way, I haven’t really had that many actual photo sessions with them.  When it’s your job and you’re so focused on taking photos of other people’s children, you sometimes let procrastination take over when it comes to photographing your own.  But every few months I manage to get out there and attempt to capture their milestones and adorableness…despite their arguments 😉

I would say that 95% of this ‘session’ was filled with Delilah running around and refusing to sit (or look at the camera) while Camille tried to eat dirt and grass, but I still miraculously managed to get a few keepers 😉  Such beautiful girls I have…I’m one very lucky Mummy!