Girly newborn goodness | Sydney Sutherland Shire Newborn Photographer

Meet Lila (and her older sister, Maclaryn!).

Lila is one of the most beautiful newborns I’ve ever seen.  I mean, look at those lips!  And that adorable squishy face!  Not to mention what a good little sleeper she was…I could have stayed there all day shooting away happily while she snoozed.  What a cutie 🙂

Maclaryn was 13 months and just so adorable and smiley, even though we caught her just before her afternoon nap.  I even got to hear her say her new word…’wow’.  Something about actual words coming out of such a tiny little mouth just melts my heart.  Oh, and look at how cute she was when asked to ‘kiss’ her little sister!  What a clever little thing 🙂

Thank you to this beautiful family for letting me come over and capture the cuteness this afternoon.  I had so much fun!