Four Months Old! | Sydney Children’s Photographer

That’s right, folks.  We are a third of the way to her first birthday.  Time is FLYING!

Delilah is getting to be more fun by the day.  Her little personality is starting to shine through…it’s hilarious!  She loves to babble to us and spends at least half the day smiling and giggling.  She’s just starting to try rolling, but isn’t quite there yet.  For now, her favorite activity is to stand on my lap and bounce like a little bunny rabbit.  She also loves to be on my back in her wrap while I do the dishes and vacuuming.  I keep telling her it won’t be long before she will have to pitch in!  😉

We took these pics on her four month birthday (otherwise known as Valentines Day).  She finally got to wear her BEAUTIFUL hand-made sweater from her great granny in Perth.  I kept having to distract her from playing with it so she’d look at me!  Silly baby 🙂