Eleven Months Old! | Sydney Baby Photographer

I’m in denial.  My tiny little baby cannot possibly be a mere few weeks away from being a whole year old.  It’s not possible!  Yet, here we are, trying to stop her from constantly destroying the house, watching her slowly learn to walk, and hearing her babbling all day long in her own special language.

When deciding what to have her wear for this photo shoot, my husband decided that my chosen outfit was ‘too babyish’.  But I was quick to argue that she was still technically a baby, even if it was for only another four weeks…so I was going to dress her that way, dangit!  😉

It was so great having my husband there to help this time!  And by ‘help’, I mean that he ran around acting like an idiot so that she would laugh.  And he was very successful!  Check out these amazing smiles and giggles 🙂