Delilah One Year Portraits! | Sydney Sutherland Shire Children’s Photographer

It’s finally happened.  My baby girl has officially turned one year old!  How has this year flown by so quickly??  It seems like yesterday that she was just a cuddly little 7 pound newborn, sleeping in my arms.  Nowadays, her nickname is ‘Tornado Delilah’.  And although she’s walking now, she’s not very fast yet.  As soon as she is, I have no doubt that she will upgrade to ‘Hurricane Delilah’ in no time!

I just love her little pigtails and smiles in these.  She was a bit tired, since waiting for that beautiful evening light means that we teeter dangerously close to her bedtime, but she ended up giving us the goods (after a lot of Daddy dancing and playing just behind the camera).  Seeing how beautiful and happy she has become makes all the night wakings, hysterical meltdowns, bad days, and temper tantrums totally worth it.  She’ll always be my baby, but I’m so proud of the little girl she is becoming.

Love you, baby girl!!