Dead weeds + yummy light = perfection. | Sydney Sutherland Shire Family Photographer

Meet Elijah…and his parents, of course 🙂

Eli is one of the luckiest boys on this earth.  Why, you ask?  Because he has ME for an aunt!  That’s right…this gorgeous boy is my nephew and I couldn’t love him more.  He was 4.5 months in these pictures, and just the happiest little thing imaginable.  And with those piercing blue eyes, how could he not be happy??

We took these pictures on my visit back to the States this past week.  I was absolutely delighted to find such a picturesque scene behind my grandmother’s house in the foothills in California.  I think she thought I was insane when I said I wanted to go and take pictures in the dead weeds and foxtails, but she was delighted to see the final results.  Sometime about the way the light catches those golden foxtails that just makes them look magical.  I could have stayed there shooting all night!