Camille – Four Months Already?? | Perth Baby Photographer

We have been so busy preparing for our big move to Western Australia that my poor little Chameleon has had nary a photo taken of her since she was 8 weeks old!  What a horrible photographer mum I am!

This afternoon, I finally decided enough was enough, busted out some purple goodness and let her go to town for five minutes of adorableness on our front veranda.  And boy, did she deliver!  I swear, this baby is the happiest little thing I have ever seen.  Never a complaint, goes with the flow, sleeps like a dream.  I’m probably jinxing myself by saying all of this out loud, but she is just a little angel full of smiles.  In fact, I was trying to get some ‘serious’ shots of her today and she wouldn’t stop smiling long enough for me to get a thing!  What a little doll 🙂

Happy four month birthday, my beautiful little Camille.  Mummy loves you so much!