Alert little Annelise | Perth Newborn Photography

Meet Annelise.

Annelise is the most alert newborn that I have ever laid eyes on.  She just didn’t want to miss one single second of the action, and loved looking around with those big gorgeous eyes.  At 18-days-old, I anticipated having to work to get those sleepy shots, but this little lady most definitely gave me a run for my money!  However, she’s so beautiful that it made all the trouble completely worthwhile.  At a teeny tiny 2.6kg, she was smaller than almost all the newborns I’ve photographed, even though she is more than twice their age!  What a teeny little angel.

I had such a good time with Annelise and her adorable parents yesterday afternoon.  Your little girl is absolutely gorgeous and I hope you all love your sneak peek 🙂