6-day-old Sunny | Perth Newborn Photography

Meet Sunny (and his older sister, Charli).

Sunny was SUCH a handsome little man…look at that perfect skin!  He was also so mild-mannered and happy.  We didn’t hear a single cry from him the entire session, despite the fact that he was awake for some of it.  Such a pleasant little baby boy makes for a very happy newborn photographer!  🙂

And his older sister Charli was an absolute pleasure to work with.  2-year-old sibling shots are often accompanied by bribery, threats, and anything else we need to do to get them to sit still for half a second for ONE shot with their new little brother or sister.  Not Charli.  She was a dream model!  Did exactly as I asked, gave us beautiful smiles, loved holding her baby brother, and was just all-around an absolute delight.

Congratulations on your beautiful family, all!  Sunny is the perfect little addition 🙂