5-week-old twins, Sophia and Noah | Perth Newborn Twins Photography

Meet Sophia and Noah.

Sophia and Noah surprised their parents by showing up eight weeks ahead of schedule.  At five weeks and three days, they were still the tiniest little things.  I usually worry when babies are this ‘old’ that the session will be difficult, but these two were perfect angels the entire time.  In fact, the session lasted less time than it normally does with one baby!  What little angels 🙂

Noah was especially cute, with his big wide eyes.  He slept for most of the session, but every now and then liked to open his eyes and make sure everything was still on the up and up.  Already his sister’s protecter.  And as you can see by the second to last image, he’s also quite excited for Christmas to arrive!  😉

Enjoy our sneak peek, all!  What a beautiful family you are.