Why You Should Take Yearly Family Portraits

Life can get hectic, and we would only realize how much time has passed once it’s too late. When was the last time you saw your family gathered together? Or when was the last time you took a family picture? Last Christmas? During New Year’s eve? That’s why it’s essential to take yearly family portraits. 

Do you want to know why? Read the rest of this post and find out why taking yearly pictures of a family is very important in our lives.

Why You Should Take Yearly Family Portraits

Capture Milestones

One of the best advantages of taking yearly pictures of the family is to capture the milestones each member has achieved. From your baby’s first step to her first day in high school to her college graduation—getting annual pics about family and with your family can help you capture these milestones that you would like to return to!

Freeze Moments

People come and go, unfortunately. That’s why having pictures of family members together in one frame will allow you to freeze the moments with them through captivating photographs. Here are some of the best family poses you can try!

Start A Tradition

Family pictures that are done yearly can be the start of a family tradition that can last forever. That way, your children and their future children will have something to remember you by through this tradition.

Make Wonderful Decor

Family photos make incredible decorations for your homes and offices. It adds a sense of comfort and belonging to your room. It can also allow your guests to see the beautiful bond between you and your family.

Great Bonding Time

Gathering the family together as the years pass can be challenging, especially if everyone has their own families and houses. However, taking family pictures for years will allow you to have the opportunity to bond with your family again. You can take your photo shoot as an opportunity to catch up with one another.

How To Choose A Family Photographer

There are thousands of photographers nowadays, and each can offer you the best family photos you can ever ask for. However, it takes a couple of research before you can find the perfect photographer to give you what you are looking for. To find the right photographer, you must consider these factors:


Each photographer has their photography style. So if you have already envisioned your family picture, it’s best to find a photographer whose style fits your taste best. We suggest doing your research first. You can visit a photographer’s website and scan their portfolios, so you know what their style looks like. At Erin Elizabeth, we have a master photographer who takes the best family portraits for all types of families.


Another essential factor you should consider is how your photographer communicates with you. It’s vital to choose a photographer who you are comfortable with. You will work with this person for hours and must find someone whose personality matches yours. It avoids conflict and promotes good communication between you and your photographer.


Your photographer’s pricing is also an essential factor you should consider. Each photographer has their pricing style, so choose someone who fits your budget.


Anyone can have the skill, but not everyone can have the experience. Experienced photographers know what to do to make every member of the family shine in photos. They have an eye for detail and understand what’s best for your family picture.

Taking yearly photos with your family is essential since it can give you a lot of benefits, from capturing the best moments with your family to letting everyone see your family’s bond. If you want to try the best family photography services, contact us today at Erin Elizabeth.

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