Teaching Video – Outdoor / Beach Post Production & Workflow


Teaching Video – Teaching Video – Outdoor / Beach Post Production & Workflow
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Product Description

Product Description

Post-production and Photoshop work can be quite scary at first. How do you create a workflow that maximizes your productivity and keeps editing time to a minimum? How do you create clean edits without looking ‘too photoshopped’? How can you insure the detail in both the subject and your (very bright!) beach background?

In this 90-120 minute (approximately – still in production) video, Erin takes you through her typical process for editing client images from start to finish, using Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Creative Cloud. She will lead you through basic and more complex edits, to give you clean, beautiful, and consistent results, which leads to compelling galleries and higher sales. This video is provided as an instant download in both high and low resolution, to be viewed over and over from the comfort of your own home.

Learn how to create your own workflow actions, while still giving each image detailed attention, saving you time and creating galleries filled with perfect images for your clients.

If you are a new photographer with limited Photoshop experience, or an experienced photographer looking to streamline your workflow and create clean edits, this video is the perfect solution for you.

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