Teaching Video – Lighting, Angles & Macro


Teaching Video – Teaching Video – Lighting, Angles & Macro
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Product Description

Product Description

Lighting and angles are everything in newborn photography. The smallest bit of filtering fabric or tiniest movement in your angle can make an enormous difference in the resulting image.

After her many years of working as an on-location newborn photographer, Erin has experienced hundreds of different natural lighting situations, arming her with a deep knowledge of how to manipulate light to create the perfect balance of contrast and softness.  In this 30 minute video, see inside Erin’s own natural light studio as she describes how to create that perfect soft light in your own space, as well as tips for working with natural light on-location.  This video is provided as an instant download in both high and low resolution, to be viewed over and over from the comfort of your own home. 

Watch Erin shoot from incorrect and correct angles for each pose, and develop your own sense of angles awareness when shooting your own newborn sessions. Included with the video, is a printable pdf copy of all posing diagrams shown in the video, with detailed descriptions of where to stand, how to angle, and where to place your subject in relation to the light.

In addition, watch Erin capture each of her signature newborn detail macro shots, including exact angles, how to position baby towards the light, and distance from the subject.  Each detail also comes with it’s own diagram for positioning yourself and your newborn subject.

If you are a natural light photographer new to newborn photography, or an experienced newborn photographer looking to improve your lighting, angles, or macro skills, this video is the perfect solution for you.   

Runtime: 32 Minute Video (Please note: All prices are in USD)

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