Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Newborn Photoshoots

Congratulations! Your little angel is finally here! Soon enough, they’ll be running around the house without you noticing. That’s why we highly encourage parents, especially new parents, to consider newborn photography.

Your baby will grow, and you will have nothing to look back to once they’re old enough to walk alone. So if you want to capture your first moments with your little one, consider booking a newborn photoshoot with us at Erin Elizabeth. Here are some newborn photography tips that parents should know about.

Tips For Taking Newborn Photos

If you’re a parent and want to try newborn photography for the first time, you have come to the right post. Today, we will give you some newborn photography ideas and tips to help you with your first newborn photoshoot.


Most photographers can provide you with your newborn’s wardrobe, but if you have a style in mind, it’s okay to bring clothes for your baby that will fit the idea you have in mind.

As for your wardrobe, choosing clothing that matches the theme you want to portray is best. We also love to remind parents to avoid wearing bright-coloured clothes or clothing with oversized prints and logos as they are distracting and can take the attention away from your baby.


It’s not necessary to have your theme for your newborn’s photo shoot, but sometimes it can be a great technique so you can convey a message to your viewers. Here are some newborn photography themes you can try.


Photographers have their props in their studios. But if you have a personal item that you like to be used in your newborn’s pictures, you can always ask your photographer to include it. Photographers are very creative, so they will find a way to incorporate all types of props in your newborn pictures.

What To Bring To A Newborn Photoshoot

Baby photography for beginners can be a nerve-wracking experience but remember, newborn photographers are professional, so they know which pose or angle is best for your baby. So we have provided here some baby photography techniques and tips to help parents understand what to bring to the shoot:

Extra Clothes

If you want something different from what the photographer has provided or want your baby to wear a specific item, it’s best to bring extra clothes. Of course, both parents should also get clothes for themselves in case a wardrobe malfunction happens.

Nappies And Wipes

Bring extra nappies and wipes because newborn babies can do their business anytime they want, so it’s best to be prepared.

White Noise Machine

Babies can sometimes get fussy, especially when unfamiliar with someone. Try bringing a white noise machine to help calm your baby and put them in a deep sleep while the photographer is taking pictures of them. This device helps in keeping your baby relaxed throughout the shoot.

What To Do During A Newborn Photoshoot

Trust Your Photographer

Your newborn photographer is a professional, so they know how to handle babies in the safest way possible. It will help if you put your trust in your photographer so the photoshoot can go smoothly as possible without you feeling anxious all the time.

Take A Break

Most photographers allow parents to take a break and feed their babies so they are ‘milk-drunk’ during the shoot. This allows the baby to calm down and fall asleep right after.


Again, the best way to have beautiful newborn photos is to calm yourself. We understand how nervous you will feel if you see a stranger holding your baby, but always remember that newborn photographers are professionals, so they will do their best to keep your baby safe.

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