10 Tips To Get Fabulous Family Photos


Family photos are an important part of your life. Whether it’s the family photo holiday season or not, how you look in your family pictures says a lot about who you and your family are. And I for one want to look good! One of my favourite things is seeing family photos from years ago, especially those from when I was a kid.

Who doesn’t like looking at photos of their family? They bring back so many good memories that it’s almost worth having a photo shoot just to make more memories. I’m sure you have tons of family picture ideas in mind.

Brace yourself because family photos can be tricky.  Your kids will fidget, your wife will have a look of fake joy on her face, and your dog may try to take off with the photographer’s camera. Either way, here are 10 helpful tips for taking great family photoshoot ideas.

1 — Find the right location

Go out of your comfort zone! I have taken my clients to fun locations to shoot such as the beach, a park, bushland and all sorts of other locations. 

2 — Choose a photographer 

Look for someone professional but also friendly and great with kids. Of course, it’s a huge plus if the photographer already has experience with families. Trust your gut instinct when choosing a photographer for your family portraits.

3 — Choose your outfits carefully

Get everyone dressed in their best outfits. Choose clothing that coordinates with each other but doesn’t match exactly (it’s important to avoid looking like an army).

4 — Accessorize

Don’t overdo it with accessories and props. Use props wisely (or not at all).  Let the kids choose their outfits and accessories if they want to (but make sure they’re appropriate!)

5 — Bring snacks

This is especially important if you have young children who are still learning how to sit still for long periods (which can be a challenge if they’re hungry). Bring along healthy snacks that they like but won’t distract them from posing for the camera — fruit strips, crackers and cheese sticks are all great options!

6 — Posing and Angles

Try different angles and perspectives to create variety in your photos. Have everyone practice how they want to pose and see if it compliments each other’s poses. But don’t let anyone over-analyze their appearance or posture; just relax and enjoy yourself!

7 — Embrace imperfections

Don’t try for perfection because you’ll never achieve it — and besides, it’s boring! Have fun! If everyone is relaxed, it will show in the final product!

8 — Take breaks

Take breaks every once in a while so everyone can have fun and get comfortable with each other, and so everyone can relax and regain energy for another round of smiles and poses!

9 — Give and take directions

Let the photographer lead you through the session, and at the same time give your photographer some direction. Look at your photos after each session and evaluate what worked and what didn’t, then plan accordingly for your next session (if you’re doing more than one).

10 — Don’t force smiles from your children

You don’t want to miss out on any good shots, but do make an effort to convey happiness in general so that it comes naturally on camera when it’s time for smiles and laughter.

Final thoughts

These tips will help ensure everyone has a good time, and the pictures will come out just right. When you invest in a photo shoot, it may cost a little bit of money, but every parent knows that there’s no price tag you can put on these moments.

There are lots of different reasons to get your family portrait taken, but the main one is simple: you will love having it to hold on to when your children are grown and you miss this particular time in their development. 

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